Secrets Of Success : HIGH LIMIT SLOTS.

Welcome to the risky & rewarding world of High Limit slots! Where a $100 spin can turn you into an instant Millionaire, or $15,000 worth of $1000 spins can take you right back out the door. This guide has been written with the input of three prolific Las Vegas players to help other High Limit players reach their full potential in the High Limit Rooms, by using strategy and tricks that pay out…..and wont bankrupt you in first few minutes. The main issue with High Limit is the assumption that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in the hopes of winning hundreds of thousands or even millions. Winning huge is a REAL expectation when your dealing with HL instead of the regular Casino floor. Casino‘s know that HL rooms pay WAY more than the floor does on a day to day basis, and that’s fine…the casinos have more than enough money to pay everyone. One win can sometimes equal the same payouts that the main floor TOTALS in 5 months. Casinos love catering to high limit players, but they don’t necessarily LIKE them. They know that your going to spend and LOSE hundreds and thousands of dollars at a time, but your also going to win, and your winnings will be substantial, the trick is to become a PROFITABLE player and use the casinos games to your advantage.

Who doesn’t like to get free paid vacations to Las Vegas and free rooms and food to enjoy while you gamble? Its all fairly easy to acquire and it’s the ONLY way I feel is worth playing. Assuming that you read the first 2 “SLOTS: Secrets Of Success” you understand that I HIGHLY avoid playing penny machines and anything less than a $1 denomination machine. I understand that most players dream and dream of one day hitting a jackpot on a 50 cent spin….. Well their all still dreaming and wasting money. Slot machines are not worth playing if your only playing pennies. I can say this once and I can say it a thousand more times, pennies are a WASTE of time and money. You and I both know this and that is why we only play the high limit machines. We have graduated from the floor where all of the losers play thousands of dollars a year & respectively loose 85% of the money they spend trying to win, and we have opened our eyes to the reality of the casino and how things really work.

Gambling is only worth doing when your ready and able to play large amounts. When I say large I am not saying that in order to win you need a bankroll of $50,000. You simply need enough to be able to compete in the High Limit rooms with the machines you will be going against, so you don’t deplete your money in 5 minutes and loose your comps and rewards that the casino is giving to you. The minimum strategy to get free comps, rooms, and sometimes airfare is to join a players club at the casino of your choice, and play $5,000-$10,000 during your stay. This is a very easy way to become a known player in the casino. there are always way larger players, the casino knows that a few people will come in and have a credit line in the Millions of dollars, but this is foolish. When you are playing slots you are trying to turn a smaller amount of money into a larger amount of money without loosing half’s at a time like you would in blackjack. The trick to ALL gambling is using just enough to pull in WAY more than you normally could using smaller amounts.