The Strip

Las Vegas is a city of contrasts: during the day, insipid, but it transforms itself when night comes. At sunset, the city awakes from lethargy and the hundreds of spectacular plays of light and sound carry the visitor to a unique world of fantasy.

The Casinos of Las Vegas, which have nothing to do with rest of Casinos in the world, both for their size and for all they offer to the visitor – from journeys in giant roller coasters, trips in gondolas, the best artists in the world… – are like mini-cities as they have museums, restaurants with all types of food – from Italian to “Planet Hollywood” – and spectacular shops of the most famous international names such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Armani… that have found in Casinos an excellent promotional and sales vehicle for their products.
Las Vegas’ mysticism makes it possible to attend in the different Hotel/Casinos life concerts of artists as famous as B.B.King, Etta James, Neil Sedaka, Earth, Wind and Fire, Paul Anka or
Janet Jackson or the shows of the famous Siegfried & Roy and Rick Thomas and his white tigers, all in the same night.

It is quite normal to see entire families, even with small children in prams, in the Hotels/ Casinos of Las Vegas, peacefully walking through its halls, buying at the shops, having lunch at its restaurants or attending any of the numerous shows offered in its facilities. Obviously, these children do not have access to the specific gaming area, but they are allowed to run about the surroundings, unlike Latin American and European Casinos, where restrictions not only for children but also for adults are unfortunately so common. The Casinos of Las Vegas have known how to create a leisure offer for the whole family, without false nineteenth-century conceptions.
This difference in the mentality can also be seen in the clothes required to enter the Casino. Thus, the majesty and luxury of the hotels and Casinos of Las Vegas hits head on with the clothes (shorts, T-shirts with straps, sport shoes…) worn by most of its visitors, more suitable for going to the beach than for these type of establishments, unlike Latin America and Europe, where you cannot enter a Casino dressed anyway you like.
Today, 56 per cent of the taxes collected by the State of Nevada come from gaming, which proves the importance of our industry. On the other hand, we mustn’t forget that a Casino of Las Vegas pays a maximum of 6,25 per cent of its earnings, which allows making big investments in promotion and marketing.