In 1989, Mr. Steve Wynn opened the doors of his revolutionary “Mirage”, beginning the new era of the “Megaresorts”.

Mr. Wynn demands the best in his hotels and expects the same from his managers and employees. A man with a colossal ego, he is also a visionary that delineates the future of the industry. His Casinos, always offering the best service to the clients, prove that there is nothing more efficient than good client care, which is the reason why the Hotel/Casino exists.
At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wynn sold his famous “Mirage Corporation” that included the “Mirage”, “Treasure Island”, “Bellagio”, “Golden Nugget/Las Vegas” and “Golden Nugget/Laughlin” Hotel/Casinos for 6.500 million dollars.

Immediately after, Mr. Wynn acquired the “Desert Inn”; they say that as a birthday present for his wife, Mrs. Elaine. It has been recently demolished and a new “Megaresort” is being built, French-themed and inspired in the paintings of the brilliant Pablo Picasso that will be called “Le Reve”. The new establishment is expected to have over 3.000 rooms and will open its doors at the end of 2003.

The construction of the Hotel/Casino “Bellagio” cost around 1.600 million dollars and is decorated with works of art by the most important artists of all times. The light and sound show of its fountains is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the Strip. The “Mirage” offers all types of shows, from the prestigious “Cirque Du Soleil” to the one given by a volcano located at the front of the hotel that erupts every 20 minutes and by means of fantastic special effects you can see the lava coming out of the crater. All accompanied by sound effects that transmit a feeling of realism not only to the visitors that are fascinated with such a show, but also to those that are then strolling along Las Vegas Boulevard, because the volcano’s luminosity can be seen hundreds of meters away.

In the “Treasure Island” the visitor can go back in time to the pirate’s era. Two galleons, one Spanish – called Hispaniola – and the other English – named Britania – confront each other in a fierce gunfire battle that ends with the victory of the former, which literally sinks the Britania to the depths of the aquatic area, causing the admiration of the visitors that witness amazed such an incredible show.

Nowadays, thirteen out of the fourteen biggest hotels in the world are located in Las Vegas, where you can play at Slots with bets that go from 25 cents to 1.000 dollars.

At present, the MGM is the biggest; it has 5.034 rooms! It is locally known as the “The emerald city” for its size and the emerald green color that covers its entire front.

“The Venetian” is a splendid Hotel/Casino decorated and set around the Italian city of Venice keeping it to the last detail. The visitor can find an exact copy of the main monuments of this city, such as the San Marcos Tower, and of course, the traditional gondolas that sail the canals. Presently it is undergoing an extension stage and they say that once finished it will become the biggest Hotel/Casino in the world. The current 3.000 rooms will soon turn into 6.000.

The “Luxor”, built inside an Egyptian pyramid has 4.404 rooms; the “Excalibur” that resembles a medieval castle has 4.008 rooms, and another eight Hotel/Casinos in the city have more than 3.000 rooms. Amongst them, the “Caesars Palace”, the “Mirage”, “Las Vegas Hilton”, the “Flamingo Hilton”, “Bally’s” and “Treasure Island”.
The “Caesars Palace”, opened in 1966, was the first thematic Casino. Set in the Roman Empire, the galleries and gaming halls show almost perfect copies of the Italian sculptures and fountains, such as Neptune’s. It is also the regular stage – and has been for many years – of the most important world boxing championships. Other important Casinos are the “Circus”, where visitors attend a real circus show, including trapeze artists that fly through the ceilings of the establishment; and the “Paris”, which reproduces the main buildings of the Parisian capital, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Triumph Arch, the Opera Theatre… Another city attraction can be found in the old Downtown area, whose central street has been recently roofed. The ceiling shows a light and sound display through the projection of images that cause a unique feeling to the thousands of visitors that go through it every day.
The 26 “Megaresorts” in the city are so close to each other that the tourist can often move from one to another without going out into the street, using electric trains without driver, conveyor belts… though they also have the possibility of renting at the entrance of any of these Casinos an imposing limousine, driver included, for 60 dollars/hour.

Las Vegas is a unique entertainment city or as some say: “a Disney World” for adults”.