Problem gambling. does not wish to restrict the choices or opportunities for anyone to operate, or take part in, gambling activities that are legally available.
However, we ask that you keep the following simple messages in mind when you gamble.
We want people to enjoy their recreation and spare time, but do not forget that being responsible is key to staying safe, out of trouble and making sure things remain fun.

You are buying fun, not investing your money.
Before playing, set strict limits on how much time and money you are going to spend.
Quit while you are ahead.
Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
Don not spend more money on gambling with the hope to win back money that you have lost.
Keep up other interests and hobbies - do not let gambling take over your life.
Don not gamble in order to escape from stress or boredom.
Gambling in moderation is okay.
The key is... if you choose to gamble, gamble responsibly.

Signs of problem gambling.
Is your gambling causing problems for you or others around you? The following signs may indicate a problem:

Spending more money and time on gambling than you can afford.
Finding it hard to manage or stop your gambling.
Having arguments with family or friends about money and gambling.
Losing interest in usual activities or hobbies like going out with friends or spending time with family.
Always thinking or talking about gambling.
Lying about your gambling or hiding it from other people.
Chasing losses or gambling to get out of financial trouble.
Gambling until all of your money is gone.
Borrowing money, selling possessions or not paying bills in order to pay for gambling.
Needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for a longer time to get the same feeling of excitement or buzz.
Neglecting work, school, family, personal needs or household responsibilities because of gambling.
Feeling anxious, worried, guilty, depressed or irritable.

If you are feeling, that you are gambling addicted person, please visit this sites immediately.. (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom) (USA) (USA) (Australia) (New Zeland) (Canada)

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